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The Fundraising 50 Basic Workshop reveals the true value of your fundraising software investment through expanded product knowledge and skill enhancement that will cultivate fundraising productivity. This extended course offers more in-depth processes and additional hands-on exercises.

Day One:
Track Constituent Information Capturing key constituent information lets you segment your database and appeal to specific areas of constituent interest and concern within your organization.

Day Two:
Gift Entry and Basic Query Tracking donations accurately and consistently, and understanding the data-mining process is very important in generating financial and other reports. This section of the course explains the gift structure and querying process of Fundraising 50.

Day Three:
Basic Reporting, Event and Volunteer Management Now that you have learned how to accurately enter and retrieve data from Fundraising 50, the third day of training uses those skills in the processes required for generating effective reports as well as creating and managing events and volunteer activity.

*Note: This agenda is subject to change.

Three-Day Class from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
July 11, 2017
Seminar Objectives
  • Learn the most effective and efficient ways to:
    -Record and track valuable constituent information.
    -Understand the full capabilities of each file to ensure consistent data entry.
    -Become more skillful at the daily task of data entry including the time-saving Global feature.
    -Maximize your development efforts as you discover the full potential of Fundraising 50's new Relation file graph, Attribute, Resume, Note, Proposal and Contact files.
    -Learn how Fundraising 50's Tickler feature tracks contact dates as well as next steps and due dates regarding your proposals.
  • Obtain hands-on experience with:
    -Pledges/Pledge Payments
    -Soft Credits
    -Gifts in Honor/Memory
    -Split Gifts/Matching Gifts
    -Gifts with Benefits
    -Quick Gift
    -Basic and Full Queries
  • At the conclusion of this lesson, you will be able to:
    -Explain why queries are a critical aspect of generating reports in Fundraising 50.
    -Describe the different types of reports and report output options available.
    -Understand how to set up a report.
    -Utilize Fundraising 50's Global and Quick Features including Quick Print, Quick E-mail and Quick Merge.
    -Create event related tables in table maintenance.
    -Record event invitations, registrations and guest information.
    -Track volunteer activity and hours.
FR50101 - Fundraising 50 Basic Workshop
Speaker Information
Chris Lowe (subject to change)
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Abila University
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    • McLean, VA (Abila) 7901 Jones Branch Drive Suite 500 McLean VA 22102
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