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This two-day course teaches the student the basics of netFORUM's Developer Toolkit. Working your way through a series of hands-on exercises, you will build netFORUM Objects, Forms, and eWeb pages. You will create new database tables and extender columns. Students will both build new functionality and learn best practices on how to modify and extend baseline functionality. The instructor will explain and perform each step, and you will follow along and do the work yourself, on your own set of tables.

Course Level: Advanced
Instructional Method: Group Live
Duration: Two-Day Class

Prerequisites: Data Model Training is co-requisite for this course. If you take Toolkit Training, then you should take Data Model Training as well. It does not matter which order you take the courses in. Understanding of relational databases is needed. Understanding of Transact SQL is helpful but not absolutely essential. You will write some basic T-SQL Select statements in this training. The more you know about netFORUM from the user perspective, the better, but even a netFORUM beginner can still take this course. HTML knowledge is helpful but not essential.


Class is held from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. 

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Seminar Date:
July 18, 2017
NFE102 - netFORUM Enterprise Developer Toolkit
Speaker Information
William Keenan (subject to change)
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Abila University
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    • Chicago, IL (Abila - new location) 311 S Wacker Dr Suite 2010 Chicago IL 60606
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